The Eight Keys to Consciousness

By incorporating these keys into your life, you will be able connect with guidance that is transformational through a Practical Sensibility and Intuitive Consciousness. If you’ve been experiencing loneliness, isolation and basically PTSD in these trying times, overcome limitations, trauma and create new imprints towards success. Experience The Divine, Archangels, and Guides. Discover hope through the book itself, in classes, workshops and sessions.

High Impact: The Business Savvy Empath

Learn how an Empath’s abilities assist in building business through intuition, synchronicity & aligning practical techniques. Create the kind of success you want to see in your life through virtual classes , sessions or in-person.

High Impact: Awaken Dimensional Consciousness

Impact your life to a new level by connecting with your intuition, guides and your higher self, creating more meaning in your life. Through virtual and in person classes or sessions re-discover you.

Creative Diversity

Discover how creating Media Art, Book Making, Acrylic/Oil Painting, Hand Building with Clay, contribute to the well-being of your mind, body & spirit. Soul Work that nurtures your Soul connection with Consciousness.