About Me

Hi, I Am Raine Dalrymple

At five years old, Raine had an out of body experience that changed her life forever.  Although she didn’t know fully what had transpired, it was in her twenties that she began having visions that opened up her spiritual centres and awareness of life in unusual experiences.  For her, this is how the discovery that there is life beyond what we know on the earth plane, began.

This was not without adversity, which only brought her into greater Astral Plane Awakenings.  Over the years, she began to see, feel and know things.  

While in education, management and teaching, personal development became her passion.  In this great earth shaking we are now experiencing, the timing in the release of her book was truly Divinely appointed.  Through storytelling and practical thought, she shares her journey as an Intuitive Visionary and Healer, and Angel Miracles, in her book, “Sight Beyond Sight.”

In consciousness and holistic well-being, she guides people in and through soulful experiences.  A window into consciousness is opened to a guidance system of wealth, prosperity and hope.  In this riveting story, the ‘Eight Keys to Consciousness,’ acts as a healing balm in soul work to bring you through mindfulness, creativity, soul food, your environment and core being, into alignment and mastery. 

Training in Energy Work and with Mentors, Raine continues to give SOUL WORK new meaning, intuitively empowering you in personal growth and business challenges.