About Raine

Raine Dalrymple

A life-changing experience in childhood set Raine onto a path of awakening that brought her into visions that opened up her spiritual centers and awareness of life through unusual experiences.  This is how the discovery that there is life beyond what we know on the earth plane, began. Challenges became deeper awakening, drawing her to The Divine and into the Cosmic Metaphysical world of Consciousness.

While in education, management and teaching, personal development became her passion and the realization that, WE CAN ALL BE MORE.  In this great earth shaking and ascension, the timing in the release of her book couldn’t be more relevant.  Through storytelling and practical thought, she shares her journey as an Intuitive Visionary, Healer and many Angel Miracles, in her book, “Sight Beyond Sight.”

In Conscientious Thought, Conscious Awakening and Holistic Perspective, she guides people in soulful experiences. Truly, a window into consciousness is opened up to a guidance system of wealth, prosperity and hope.  In this riveting story, the ‘Eight Keys to Consciousness,’ act as a healing balm in soul work to bring you through mindfulness, creativity, soul food, a healthy core and environment, drawing you into alignment and into ALL THAT YOU VISUALIZE for yourself.

Skilled in Energy Work, Raine continues to give SOUL WORK new meaning, intuitively empowering you in personal growth and in any business challenges you may encounter.  As a SOUL INTUITIVE COMMUNICATOR personal or business consultations and readings can be booked on my calendar, combining a practical and intuitive application.   $80 – 1 hour  $45 – 1/2 hour