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Raine Dalrymple

As a Visionary, Empowerment Coach, Consultant, Author, Healer, and Media Artist, discover how to transform for your life by creating self-improvement that launches you into MASTERY

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It's your story

Transform your life through the Eight Keys to Consciousness A different Perspective imprinting positive change.

The Eight Keys to Consciousness.

By incorporating these keys into your life, you will be able to connect with guidance that is transformational through a Practical Sensibility and Intuitive Consciousness.

High Impact: The Business Savvy Empath

Learn how an Empath's abilities assist in building business through intuition, synchronicity & aligning practical techniques.

High Impact: Awaken Dimensional Consciousness

Impact your life to a new level by connecting with your intuition, guides and your higher self, creating more meaning in your life.

What People Are Saying

Re-wire your Brain. Re-path your Emotions. Re-discover your Soul.

“I have found Raine to be an amazing woman with all of the psychic abilities she possesses. She is accurate on insights and guidance. Truly helpful, professional, and reliable which are all positive attributes you want in a coach! She is inspirational, with a big heart, and is non-judgemental.”
May E. British Columbia
“I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying your book. Well done!! Whether someone is new to awakening or is seasoned, they will receive when reading this book.”
Tammy L. Saskatchewan
“I’m into 20 pages of your book. Every time I try to read it, my cat decides he’s going to sit on it. He loves it too!”
Mandy K.
Mandy K.

Open your mind to the unknown

By connecting to the discovery of ‘Infinite Intelligence,’ the source of knowledge and wisdom is revealed to us.  It is our life map that guides us.  We are elevated into an intuitive awakening and visit how the “Eight Keys to Consciousness,” creates transformational empowerment.  These keys hold values.  By developing and embracing your intuition, you can be better guided in your life and life concerns.  This guidance system to Spiritual Wealth, Abundance and Prosperity brings to us the greater message of hope.  In this, we in consciousness become the best we can be in the MASTERY of self and in helping the evolution of others.